What type of gate do you need?

What type of gate do you need?

Swing Gates

Single Swing Gates

A Single Swing Gates pivot on hinges attached to a post at the side of the driveway. They’re nice and simple but because they arc into the driveway they reduce the amount of space you have for parking. Its a good idea to limit the width to under 4m if you don't want too much trouble with wind and gate sag. You also need a good strong posts and motors if you want it automated. 

Double Swing Gates

Double Swing Gates pivot from posts on either side of the driveway. The are half the driveway width so the arc is much smaller than a single gate and because they're also half the size they will put much less stress on the motor and hinges so they're definitely the way to go if you're installing a swing gate.

Bi-Folding Swing Gates

Bifold gates are another great space saving invention. They are a type of swing gate where the second leaf is hinged off the first one with a mechanism to make it fold out of the way when opening, allowing it to be automated. Like telescopic gates there is extra cost in the hardware and construction but if your block is small this style of gate is a great option.

Sliding Gates

Standard Sliding Gates

Sliding gates run on a steel track that is bolted to your concrete driveway. They’re the cheapest type of gate because they only need one motor and only one gate leaf. And they don’t eat into your parking space when they’re open. But you need enough clear space beside the drive for the gate to slide into when its opening and the drive will need to be flat and concreted so the track can be laid straight and true.

Bi-Parting Gates

Bi-Parting gates are double sliding gates that meet in the middle. If the opening is very large or there is limited space on either side of the driveway then these can be a good option. They'll need two motors of course and that's double the automation cost but its better than having a long dangerous gate that is slow to open.

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever is a type of sliding gate that doesn’t need a track. The wheels are set into concrete on the side of the driveway and the gate has longer tail so that it can ‘cantilever’ out over the drive. They have some of the benefits of both sliding and swing gates but their fabrication is a bit more complex and the installation needs more skill to get the foundation right.

Telescopic Gates

Telescopic gates are a type of sliding gate that has two leaves that slide past each other to span a wide driveway without needing as much clear space beside the drive. They differ from a more simple stacking gate system in that the second leaf is driven on a pulley system attached to the first leaf. This allows them to be automated. The mechanism means that they’re more expensive than a standard sliding gate but they’re an excellent choice when space is limited


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