Pool Fencing Regulations

Pool Fencing Regulations

Rules around pool fencing are there to keep small children safe and away from water where they can drown if left unattended.  Many of the rules in New Zealand refer to children under the age of 6 however all pools need approved fencing and gates regardless of children residing at the property.

The first place to get guidance on pool fencing is the NZ Building Code Guidance to Pool Fencing . Secondly, go to your local council and search for any by laws that might pertain to your region.

Pool Fence Requirements
  • Fence must be a minimum of 1.2 meters high
  • Clearance/Gap under the fence not to exceed 100mm
  • Spacing of vertical bars to be less than 100mm

    Design and installation of the pool gate is a bit more complicated than the fence and there are special considerations in the act. There is also special gate hardware to make it easier to meet the rules.

    Pool Gate Requirements
  • All gates and doors used as entry to the pool area must open away from the pool area, meaning they must open toward the person trying to enter the pool area.
  • All gates and doors used as entry to the pool area must be clear of any obstruction that could be used for holding the gate or door open or used as a method of accessing the latch and entering the pool area.
  • Gates and doors must be fitted with a latch and that latch must be 1.5m above the ground.  This latch must be able to self-latch/lock when the gate swings closed.
  • Gates and doors must be fitted with a device that automatically closes it to its shut and locked/latched position.

    The first point is an important one and often overlooked. The reason the gate must open outward is so that if a small child were to use something to climb on to open the gate the weight of the child leaning forward would make it difficult to pull the gate back and open.

    D&D Technologies gate hardware is specifically designed to meet the pool fencing regulations of New Zealand. The magnalatch is the perfect choice of latch as it can be fitted to your 1.2H gate and still be installed at 1.5H above the ground so that you meet the compliance of the Pool act. D&D Truclose self-closing hinges are specially designed to be fitted with a magnalatch.  Paired together they keep your gate closed and compliant to the Swimming pool act but most important they keep your children safe and out of the pool area. 

    Give the team at FenceLab a call to discuss your pool fencing requirements. 

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