The Nicks Gate

A modern architectural styled panel with striking vertical angle picket closely spaced to accentuate the vertical lines of the house. Fence panels, balustrade panels and a matching series of gates compliment the range.

Finn Panels are all custom made in our Silverdale factory and can be supplied with matching posts. Pedestrian gates and driveway gates will be made to the size of your driveway in our fabrication department. And can be supplied with suitable gate motors for a qualified technician to install. Typical lead times are 2-3 weeks.


  1. Lasts longer than timber
  2. No warping or fading
  3. Smooth finish and clean minimalist look


  1. Landscape fencing
  2. Infill panels on block walls
  3. Balustrade compliant (when there is a drop of over 1m, panels are required to be balustrade compliant and be supplied with a producer statement to confirm it).
  4. Pool fencing compliant at 1.2m high.
  5. Slide, Swing and Cantilever Gates and custom panels also available made and priced to order.

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Gates are made to order in our Silverdale factory. The table below shows our standard sizes. Larger sizes require an engineered solution and may require extra strengthening in the frame, special hinges or wheels etc. Please call us to work through your requirements.

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Type Opening Width Frame Details
Pedestrian 1.2m opening Aluminium 40x40mm frame with 65x16mm rectangular pickets at 65mm spacings
Swing Up to 4m single swing, 8m double Aluminium 50x50mm frame with 65x16mm rectangular pickets at 65mm spacings
Sliding Up to 6m Aluminium 75x100mm bottom rail and 75x75mm sides and top with 65x16mm rectangular pickets at 65mm spacings
Cantilever Up to 5m Aluminium 50x100mm bottom rail and 50x50mm sides and top with 65x16mm rectangular pickets at 65mm spacings
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Type: Swing
Movement: Automated

We honor a 5-years warranty on all products.

Balustrade, Pool Compliant

Finn Contour

Simple, convenient installation that makes it suitable for both DIYers and professional installers to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of their outdoor settings. Quick and easy to set up, this panel brings versatility to any area.

Fence Panel
Fence Panel Sale priceFrom $310.00
Fence Panel
Fence Panel Sale priceFrom $310.00
Fence Panel
Fence Panel Sale priceFrom $310.00

Vertical Pickets




1.0mH: 1000mm x W1205mm
1.2mH: 1000mm x W1205mm
1.8mH: 1000mm x W1205mm


Easy Modular DIY Assembly
Rakeable Aluminium Fence Panel
Balustrade Compliant (1.0mh, 1.2mh)
Pool Fence Compliant (1.2mh)

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