The Metallica 358DV

Closely spaced wire lets air flow through and allows visibility but is too narrow for fingers, toes or hand tools. The anti-scale properties combined with being very slow to cut make 358 the ultimate security mesh infill for fencing and infrastructure. The Metallica has double vertical wires making it stronger and more rigid than other brands and is hot dip galvanised after welding to maximise corrosion performance.

358 mesh sheets are available ex-stock in 2.400 or 3.600m high x 2.215m wide. These can be used to make all sorts of custom enclosures or infill panels. We can also supply posts, rails, brackets and fixings in kitset form for construction on-site. All ex-stock. Pedestrian gates and driveway gates will be made to the size of your opening in our fabrication department. Typical lead times are 2-3 weeks.


  1. Anti-scale
  2. Good visibility and air flow
  3. Needs noisy power tools to cut
  4. Quick to install relative to other high security fencing


  1. Security fencing
  2. Security infill panels on slab walls
  3. Anti-scale infill on balustrade and bridge rails
  4. Slide, Swing and Cantilever Gates and custom panels also available made and priced to order.

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Height Perfect for Spec Sheet
ALL SIZES Anti-Scale Mesh Fence The Metallica Product Guide
2.4 - 3.6m Anti-Scale Mesh Security Fence Security Spec Sheet
2.4 - 3.6m Anti-Scale Mesh High-Security Fence High Security Spec Sheet
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Height: 2.4m
Finish: Custom Powder Coated

We honor a 5-years warranty on all products.

Balustrade, Pool Compliant

Finn Contour

Simple, convenient installation that makes it suitable for both DIYers and professional installers to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of their outdoor settings. Quick and easy to set up, this panel brings versatility to any area.


Vertical Pickets




1.0mH: 1000mm x W1205mm
1.2mH: 1000mm x W1205mm
1.8mH: 1000mm x W1205mm


Easy Modular DIY Assembly
Rakeable Aluminium Fence Panel
Balustrade Compliant (1.0mh, 1.2mh)
Pool Fence Compliant (1.2mh)

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