The Mercury Commercial Balustrade

The Mercury Balustrade Panel is a full width (2.4m post centers) Building Code compliant system made from proprietary aluminium extrusions and incorporates Edgesmith’s patented system that allows the assembled panel to rake up to 30 degrees without losing rigidity. The Mercury Commercial balustrade system differs from the Residential system of the same name in that it has a 50x40mm top rail. Not only does the larger section feel better under hand, it has internal stiffening webs that add a huge amount of rigidity to the panel with little extra weight. It is a panel without compromise

Its ability to rake makes it ideal for ramps, stairs and retaining walls on undulating ground. Chunky 25mm SHS pickets are rigidly fixed to the rails with an innovative and patented mechanism that doesn’t need a large gap in the rail and is super rigid when fixed into the posts. Gates are available for pedestrian or driveways, made to order to fit your opening.Typical lead times are 1-2 weeks.


  1. Rakes up to 30 deg.
  2. Pool Fence Compliant
  3. Balustrade Compliant


  1. Balustrade Fencing - 1.2m high flat top raking aluminium panel, 2.325m wide 2 rail panel with 25mm SHS pickets. Compliant to NZS3604. Commercial panel with 50x40 top rail and 65SHS steel posts for parks, schools, apartments and commercial applications. Residential panel with 40x40 rails and 65SHS aluminium posts for single dwelling residential applications.

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Height Perfect for Spec Sheet PS1
ALL SIZES Raked Aluminium Fence and Balustrade The MERCURY Product Guide n/a
1.2m Residential Landscape, Pool and Balustrade Fence 1.2m Residential Spec Sheet The Mercury PS1
1.2m 3 Rail Residential Landscape, Pool and Balustrade Fence 1.2m 3 Rail Residential Spec Sheet The Mercury PS1
1.2m Commercial Balustrade Fence 1.2m Commercial Spec Sheet The Mercury PS1
1.2m 3 Rail Commercial Balustrade Fence 1.2m 3 Rail Commercial Spec Sheet The Mercury PS1
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Height: 1.2m Residential
Finish: Black Powder Coat

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Balustrade, Pool Compliant

Finn Contour

Simple, convenient installation that makes it suitable for both DIYers and professional installers to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of their outdoor settings. Quick and easy to set up, this panel brings versatility to any area.

Fence Panel
Fence Panel Sale priceFrom $310.00
Fence Panel
Fence Panel Sale priceFrom $310.00
Fence Panel
Fence Panel Sale priceFrom $310.00

Vertical Pickets




1.0mH: 1000mm x W1205mm
1.2mH: 1000mm x W1205mm
1.8mH: 1000mm x W1205mm


Easy Modular DIY Assembly
Rakeable Aluminium Fence Panel
Balustrade Compliant (1.0mh, 1.2mh)
Pool Fence Compliant (1.2mh)

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