Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is the most cost effective way to secure a large area and its versatility make it an excellent choice for a variety of custom applications.


  1. Fusion bonded black PVC or Bezinal 2000 Zinc Aluminium coating
  2. 25mm or 50mm aperture diamonds
  3. Heights of up to 3.6m
  4. Barbed wire or barbed plus razor wire top
  5. Intermediate Posts with 40mm or 50mm nominal bore (NB) -48mm or 60mm outside diameter (OD)
  6. End Posts with 80, 100 of 150mm NB (90, 115 or 165mm OD)


  1. Sports fields ,tennis courts and cricket nets fencing
  2. Industrial security fencing with barbed wire or razor wire top
  3. Long run rail and road fencing
  4. Slide, Swing and Cantilever Gates are made and priced to order.
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Lynx Chain Link Mesh Spec Sheet Download PDF
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Height: 1.0m
Wire: 2.5mm Bezinal
Aperture: 25mm diamond

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Balustrade, Pool Compliant

Finn Contour

Simple, convenient installation that makes it suitable for both DIYers and professional installers to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of their outdoor settings. Quick and easy to set up, this panel brings versatility to any area.

Fence Panel
Fence Panel Sale priceFrom $310.00
Fence Panel
Fence Panel Sale priceFrom $310.00
Fence Panel
Fence Panel Sale priceFrom $310.00

Vertical Pickets




1.0mH: 1000mm x W1205mm
1.2mH: 1000mm x W1205mm
1.8mH: 1000mm x W1205mm


Easy Modular DIY Assembly
Rakeable Aluminium Fence Panel
Balustrade Compliant (1.0mh, 1.2mh)
Pool Fence Compliant (1.2mh)

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