Great perimeters balance discipline and creativity

Our structured process lets creativity flourish without compromising quality, budgets or timelines. We take your idea, adds engineering and aesthetic to create a design, and skilled fabrication to make it a reality.

From your IDEA

The first step in our process involves education and ideation. We help to put your needs into the Fencelab language of privacy, security and aesthetic. Material selection, finish, hardware components and access automation. Cost estimates can be submitted at the end of this step.

 balancing style with function


Designs and specifications are refined until the end user is satisfied and deposits are paid. At this stage the FenceLab engineers will create 3D modelled shop drawings for customer approval. This means that if your gate is ever damaged or needs modification at a later date we know the exact dimensions already.

 3D Modelling helped me visualise my gate


Clean straight lines and invisible welds are their signature of our fabricators. We use only the best European hardware and automation to make sure you gate will run smooth and fast. The last step is to assemble the order for transport. The FenceLab HiAb truck can deliver most places in the upper North Island and unload materials to the right locations on site.

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