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Understanding the School Fencing Guidelines

Understanding the School Fencing Guidelines

When considering School Fencing there are two main places to use as a source of guidance.  The first one is the Fencing Act 1978 , and the second one the Education Department Guidelines

The Guidelines' main considerations are that it be:
  • Robust and long lasting. This includes recommendations that the fence be of tubular steel (or aluminium) and have 75x75mm posts.
  • Non-hazardous. No spear or spike top fencing.
  • Low visual impact. Powder coated in a dark colour and/or decorated with artwork.
  • Cater to special needs if required. The requirements in this case would be determined by a Special Education Behaviour Practitioner, assigned by the Ministry of Education.

    Just remember that these are ‘recommendations’ and not rules.  Every school will have an idea of how their fence should look and will consider other factors like how close they are to environmental impacts like salt spray or sulphur.  If the school was close to either of these things then steel posts and fencing would not be recommended. 

    Lastly, give the team at Edgesmith a call.  We will be able to help you choose a suitable product to match your schools requirements. The hot dip galvanised Chiefs Panel and the Aluminium Mercury Raking panel are both designed to meet the School Fencing Guidelines. Before calling, discuss or ask yourself these questions:

  • What height fence do we need? 1.5m and 1.8m are the most common heights.
  • Will the posts be in ground (concreted into the ground or mowing strip) or flanged (a post that can be bolted to existing concrete)?
  • What environmental factors should I take into consideration?  Example- proximity to the ocean, sulphur, fertiliser sprays, etc.
  • Does our school have a lot of sloping land that would make a raking fence panel like the FenceLab Mercury panel a better choice?
  • Is any of the fencing being used as a barrier to a pool?  If you answered yes to this question go to our readings called Pool fencing regulations.
  • Is any of the fencing being used as a barrier to a fall/drop of more than 1 meter from the ground?  If you answered yes to this question go to our readings called Balustrade regulations.

    We're happy to work with your architects or school board to make sure you have a design that ticks all the boxes!


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