Gates 101: Choosing the Perfect Style for You

Gates 101: Choosing the Perfect Style for You

Every home in New Zealand is unique, and at FenceLab we understand that you want your gate design to be just as unique and interesting as your property is. Whether you are renovating and looking for a new style to recreate your driveway, or whether you’re building from scratch and want a consistent look across all building elements, we have you covered with our range of gate options and powder coat colours.

But which style is right for you? Our gate experts have created this guide to help you choose the best gate for your home – let’s jump right in.

The front gate creates the first impression as well as adding additional security to your fenced-in property. Choosing the right gate is about knowing what you want out of it. Do you want a driveway gate that hides your cars from view, just keeps the dog in, or do you want to make a statement? Do you want a modern, slate-like aesthetic, or are you going for something more rustic? These are important questions to consider when choosing from our range.

 Here’s a checklist of things to ask yourself before you choose:


How much privacy do I want?

Just like your fencing, choosing a gate means considering whether you want to be able to see out, and whether you are alright with people seeing in. We have options for any level of privacy you’re seeking.

What aesthetic am I pursuing?

As we mentioned before, the gate you choose will change the first impressions people have of your property, whether they are simply walking past, or they are guests entering your home. Your homes aesthetic will be determined by the exterior as much as the interior, and an integral piece of that exterior is your gate, so think wisely about the overall design you want your home to achieve.

What are the practicalities?

Do you have small pets that you need to keep inside the boundaries of your property? If so, you most likely don’t want wide gaps in your gate or fences. Maybe you have a pool and need a gate that is pool safety compliant. Does your driveway slope or rake? Consider these practicalities before you start hunting.

Our Gate Recommendations

Here are a few of our favourites – from aluminium gates to steel galvanised gates – profiled for your ease of choice. Each of the listed options has pedestrian, swing gate, sliding gate and cantilever variants. 

The Oasis

If privacy is your main concern, but you want to maintain a modern aesthetic in your design, then the Oasis is the design for you. Horizontal slats provide great privacy screening as infill on block walls, gates and screening around services. Oasis is an aluminium privacy gate with closely spaced slats. The 10mm gaps give you privacy while allowing air flow and give your home a modern, yet secluded feel. The design of this aluminium gate is influenced by classic themes but has an edge and style all of its own. We recommend this one if privacy is one of your top concerns.

The Finns

A modern architectural styled panel with striking vertical pickets closely spaced to accentuate the vertical lines of the house. Fence panels, balustrade panels and a matching series of gates compliment the range. The Finns is the no.1 choice for people who want a consistent style across their perimeter.  

The Orbison

The Orbison is super versatile with its simple, clean lines make it adaptable to any property. It is pool safety compliant (1.2m high), so you can install the gate anywhere you like. Made from aluminium it is suitable for many environments and is light weight making DIY installations a breeze.  Economic and functional are the key characteristics of this style. 

The Chiefs

Always a leader in style and performance the Chiefs option can offer either a rustic old charm look or with some slight design changes a modernised and secure option.  Made from steel and hot dip galvanised this gate will stand true for many years to come.

Ready to choose a fence that’s best for you?

For more options be sure to look through the rest of and contact us now so that we can start your tailored fencing design process.

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