The Verve Cantilever Gate


Case Study

A leading Auckland builder selected The Verve panels and cantilever gates for the perimeter of this high-end build. The panels feature a clever negative detail to hide the welds and are powder coated in a metallic colour that was chosen to match the burnished copper gutters and window trim. Three driveway gates are driven at 25 m/min using Roger high-speed brushless gate automation. CAIS anti-marking guide rollers are used to preserve the finish of the gate and an AES 4G video intercom was installed to give the owner at-the-gate video of visitors right to his phone from anywhere that he has cell coverage. A high-end perimeter security spec for a high-end house.

The Verve cantilever gate uses Edgesmith's Tonkatrak aluminium cantilever system to support the gate as it floats out over the driveway. Openings of up to 5.7m can be spanned without the need for the unsightly ground track.

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